B O O K E N D S     H I S T O R Y

        For many years, Pat Banning worked at Honolulu Book Shop as a buyer and manager. When the store closed in 1997, Pat decided to share her love of books with the community of Kailua and for all of Hawaii Nei. With her years of book shop experience and skills, Pat opened Book Ends in 1998. The store has since thrived and provides an enchanting environment for buying and selling books, including unique and rare books.

        But Book Ends is more than that. Folks can find a wide selection of greeting cards, note cards, toys, games and puzzles. Plus, you'll find an endless variety of small gift items and knick knacks that inspire the imagination!

In 2018 Bookends was named the city's Best Neighborhood Bookstore by Honolulu Magazine!


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